A great teacher’s function is beyond teaching in the classroom. Knowledge, pedagogy and leadership skills –  combination of these three things makes up a great teacher. Considering these facts, Teachers Time, an initiative of Light of Hope had organized workshop on ‘Classroom Leadership’ on May 20, 2017.

In the workshop, teachers from different schools including Maple Leaf International School, Alok Shishu Shikkhaloy, Shohag Shopnodhara etc. participated. Teachers enjoyed a lot and learned many new thing which came out by their discussion. The whole training was participatory where teachers engaged in activities, discussions, debate, and group activities.  Reflection and solving their own classroom problems made teachers happy end of the workshop.

All the participants received certificates on completing the training.

Participating teachers left session with the spark and motivation to lead their classroom in a different way. We will continue to follow up with them and track the amazing change they are going to bring to their classrooms.


Thinking of enrolling in our next session? Here’s the next one.