Goofi books – published by Light of Hope Ltd. are completely different than other children’s books available. There is some deep research that goes into developing these books for children between 3-10 years old.

Here are 5 reasons why Goofi books are different:

Goofi books are interactive:

All the goofi books are interactive. That means children can interact and engage with the books. Children can do different activities including drawing, doodling, puzzle, brain game etc. This kind of interaction helps the child to become more creative and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Goofi books are research-based:

All the goofi books are developed through intensive research on the children of certain age. While the parents may not understand always the reason for certain pages and certain steps we have taken for a book, rest assured the content developers of Light of Hope Ltd. are some of the best in the world. People working for Goofi worked in Sisimpur, UNICEF (Meena), BRAC, Save the Children, Kids Time etc.

Goofi books are global:

The goofi books are developed for children across the world. Some books are language independent (no language). The books are used by parents and teachers in more than 30 countries. This makes Goofi the only brand in Bangladesh whose children books are used outside of Bangladesh. That tells about the quality of the content in Goofi books.

Goofi books help academically:

Goofi books are not just story books. Goofi books help pre-school children to learn about English, Bengali, Math, Art etc. – the most common subjects taught during kindergarten years. For example, our research suggests that children learn about alphabets 30% faster with 80% less adult supervision through our ‘Letter to Picture Series’.

Goofi books beat the smartphone:

Smartphone addiction among children is a huge concern among parents. Goofi books are highly engaging and interactive. They are designed to unleash inner creativity of a child. It helps parents to use the books to spend quality time with their children. Goofi books already beat smartphone. It helps to reduce or eliminate the smart phone addiction among children.

You can purchase the Goofi books from Light of Hope Stall: 738. 

You can order Goofi books from online and get 25% discount. The books will be delivered at your home anywhere in Bangladesh.

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