Light of Hope Foundation is social enterprise focusing making education fun and engaging for the children. It believes that every child is born equally, but the opportunities and environment surrounding them make them unequal. Childhood is the most crucial period of life that defines how the future of a person is going to shape in. Yet parents are unable or unaware to put enough thought and effort into that. Even if someone does, the ingredients for a quality education is absent in primary schools. Lack of quality teacher, educational material, quality schooling system etc. often hinders the possibility of a child to thrive. Light of Hope’s mission is to provide quality education by ensuring a learning environment in the  primary schools in a cost-effective manner through a mix of technology, capacity building of local schools and additional supportive tools. Light of Hope is working to reduce the present ‘opportunity gap’ by addressing the existing challenges from different angles. Light of Hope envisages a world where the children, irrespective of their background, get opportunity to realize their potential.

Existing challenges at Primary Level education

Currently in Bangladesh, there are about 40,000 primary schools that are located in off-grid areas deprived of basic and advanced infrastructure like access to electricity, ICT and e-educational contents. Connecting these schools with electricity and advanced multimedia classroom facility is a daunting task because of its huge investment cost. The quality of the teachers also a major hindering factor in delivering quality education at the classroom.

Besides, availability of educational contents at the primary level is also scarce. Although through Bangladesh Government, multimedia classroom service is provided in more than 20,000 high schools in ‘on-grid’ areas, similar service is not provided at the primary level – so far no support is provided for the off-grid schools. Due to lack of after-sale services many of these services are out of work after few months.

Light of Hope (LoH) is addressing these challenges in an inclusive manner by providing various services to the  primary schools. Currently LoH is continuing with two major projects – Digital School Project and ‘Porua – the Reader’ Project. Besides, other initiatives and researches are also going on.

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