ToguMogu Pvt. Ltd. is officially launching Bangladesh’s first parenting app. The app serves as a one-stop solution for all the parenting needs from the pregnancy period to the first 5 years of parenthood. From Light of Hope, we are really excited to be the partner of this amazing and timely initiative.

Every day 8,000 children are born in Bangladesh of which 50% are born in first-parent families. There are about 10.5 million families who have children between 0-5 years old. In the last 6 months, during COVID-19, about 140,000 children are born in Bangladesh. Due to the overwhelming pressure on the healthcare system and restriction on the movement, the new parents have suffered a lot. Even those who are pregnant right now are still suffering on a daily basis to get information about pregnancy, doctor and consultant appointments, buying necessary products for newborn babies.

The newly launched ToguMogu app is addressing all these challenges and more. Light of Hope has been a key partner for almost 2 years now with Togumogu Pvt. Ltd. We are excited to see the transition of our partner from a F-commerce page to a full-fledge parenting app providing all the necessary services and products that a new family needs.

Light of Hope provided the must needed authentic content support for ECD related issues, selecting the age-appropriate books and learning toys for children. Our goofi books and products are exclusively available on the ToguMogu app.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing the right daycare, pre-school or after-school for parents, we provided the technical support to ToguMogu by providing the right tools and processes to verify and mark a certain facility. Soon, parents can enroll their children in our after-school program Kids Time and enjoy discount. Our parenting training and educational videos will be available on Togumogu app. And in the coming future, our edutainment content for children will be also available on the app.

We are excited to see that 10.5 million families in Bangladesh who have children between 0-8 years old will have access to an authentic and trusted platform to help parents take decision quickly and with the convenience from a touch of fingertip.

Our mission is to help young children to become more creative, empathic and build strong moral values. We believe with our ongoing collaboration with ToguMogu, we will be able to provide these values through the parents from this new platform.

We congratulate ToguMogu on helping 2 million parents during its existence in the last 3 years by providing necessary supports to take the right decision for their children. We will surely continue our strong collaboration in the future.

Those who are interested, can quickly have a look at the ToguMogu parenting app by clicking the image below.

togumogu parenting app