Sesame Workshop Bangladesh (popularly known as ‘Sisimpur’) came to Light of Hope with a challenge in 2016. They were running a project called ‘Play Safe with Sisimpur’. The objective of the project was to aware and educate young children and their parents about childhood injury prevention. In Bangladesh, drowning is the second largest cause of childhood death under 5 years old. Every year, 14500 children died in Bangladesh due to drowning. Sisimpur initiated the project called ‘Play Safe with Sisimpur’ to teach children and their mothers about various safety measures and techniques.

To implement the project at the field level they partnered with Village Education Resource Center (VERC) to go to 100 schools and 100 communities (parents) to educate and aware children about different types of injury and how to prevent those. The project location was in Raypura, Narsingdi district. They had all these amazing videos of Tuktuki, Shiku, Halum and Ikri that were being aired on BTV and RTV. But how to bring those amazing audio-visual contents to children at schools and to parents in the communities in rural areas?

The available conventional system with projector, sound box, generator or large battery etc. which weigh up to 80kg, it’s almost impossible to visit all these schools and communities.

Mobility, user convenience, and energy source to run the system are the major challenges. People in Sisimpur asked us if we can develop a solution that their Program Organizer can simply carry as a backpack to visit these schools and communities.

With just 8 Sputnique, Sisimpur was able to impact 40,000 children and their parents.

Fortunately, at that time we were working on our prototype of Sputnique. So we developed a solar-run multimedia solution that has all the video contents inside so that Program Organizers can show these videos to children and parents. During the project, more than 100 children were attending in one session in school and in the afternoon or evening Program Organizer would take Sputnique to communities where they showed these learning videos to the mothers with young children.

Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan with the Sputniques that were sent to VERC for ‘Play Safe with Sisimpur’ project

With just 8 Sputnique they covered 40,000 children and parents in 100 schools and 100 communities in one year. And it significantly impacted them as the Impact Research of the project came out recently.

Program Organizer is taking a session in the classroom

According to the article published on AO Foundation – the donor of the project, ‘The impact of those deliverables was demonstrated by an evaluation conducted in a last phase of the project. Analysis showed that injury prevention knowledge improved significantly in both children and adult mentees as a result of Play Safe with Sisimpur in the areas of playing safe, road traffic injuries, falls, and animal injuries.’  

Session with parents and children inside the community using Sputnique

One of the reasons why the project could deliver high impact was the use of Sputnique. It helped the organization to focus more on the content delivery and quality of the delivery, rather than worrying about the logistics. Through Sputnique, Sisimpur could ensure that the amazing videos are shown properly ensuring high level of engagement among children and parents. And reducing the logistics cost and hassle to organize these regular sessions in schools and communities.

Training to Program Organizer and Teacher on how to use the Sputnique

Inspired by the result, Sisimpur and Light of Hope used Sputnique again in the next project ‘Dream Save Do’. Currently, another 8 Sputniques are used to reach out to 50 schools and communities to 16,000 children and 8,000 parents in Dhaka. Besides, Sputniques are used to organize regular training sessions, workshops and other engagements in the project.

Children watching a Sisimpur Session with Sesame Workshop CEO Jeff Dunn in ‘Dream Save Do’ project

Sputnique is also being used in projects in slums in Rayerbazar by Save the Children and other small projects run by various organizations. Now, Sputnique is going to the Rohingya Refugee Camps to supports hundreds of thousands of children to provide high quality engaging and learning environment.

In the Rohingya Camp, where quality and engaging learning for students is a major concern, Sputnique is bringing a new dimension offering interactivity and engaging learning experience. Sesame Workshop Bangladesh is already piloting with UNHCR to bring audio-visual contents of Sisimpur for the refugee children.

Light of Hope is also partnering with Children on the Edge to pilot Sputnique’s use in their learning centers.


A teacher is taking a session with students in school using Sputnique

Light of Hope recently received prestigious Unilever Young Entrepreneur Award 2018 from Bangladesh for invention and use of Sputnique to deliver quality learning to children in the most remote rural areas.

Click the picture to watch the 5-min pitch at Unilever HQ at UK from Waliullah Bhuiyan.



Organizations who are interested about Sputnique, reach out to us directly at this number: Anik, 01912414583 

You can also email us here: [email protected]

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