Teachers Time started its online courses for school teachers and young parents. Interested teachers and parents can follow the below process to register on the platform and enroll for the courses:


To register to the platform, click the below link:


Fill up the information and register. If you want to access the courses for both teachers and parents, please select ‘Both’. Here’s the screenshot for the registration link. You can also login to the platform through your Facebook or Google+ account.

Select the Course: 

After registration, there will be an account for you. Now you can browse and select the course you want to enroll. Currently, there are a few courses uploaded on the platform. More courses are coming.

When you click the ‘Enroll’ button, you’ll go into the Course Detail. The course detail is the outline of the course including the number of lectures and description of them.

There is an introductory video for the course that explains what is the course about. You can decide by watching the introductory video whether you want to enroll for the course.


Teachers Time is offering free online course for the first 1000 teachers and parents. After completing the course, the teachers will get a certificate if they can successfully complete the assessment.

Find the online courses in this link: https://teacherstimebd.com/courses/index

You can also click the above picture to find the courses.

The best and brightest facilitators are offering their expertise to develop a smart generation of children with your support. Enroll in these courses to change the lives of your children and your students.