A 6-year old girl from the future sent her pet robot called ‘Goofi’ to learn about human creativity, imagination and empathy. 500 years from now, the world is a different place. Human being lost their capacity to innovate, lost their imagination and empathy for each other. Robots do all the thinking, all the creation. Humans only consume. There are no great artists, no great scientist or no great musician. People do not aspire to do amazing things, they don’t dream.

Jane, the 6-year old girl, learned from his grandfather that the world was different. There was a time when people used to dream, dare and do amazing things. People had strong values and empathy for each other. But over the years, the wisdom is lost. Inspired by her grandfather’s story, Jane decided to send his pet robot ‘Goofi’ to the past – the current world.

The time machine landed on an island where Goofi started to meet all his amazing friends – Addy, Tiya, Mr. Bluetooth, Sofia and started learning about all the things that made a true human being.

On the island, Goofi discovers a lot of lost treasures, tools, books that can teach people how to think creatively, how to solve problems, develop empathy and moral values.

You can explore the Goofi World here: www.goofiworld.com

Goofi started to give these amazing treasures – the knowledge, hidden wisdom, books, learning tools to his friends to spread it around the world – among the children. So that, the world he is coming from never exist. He wants to go back to a world that is full of happiness, inspiring and awesome. So that he can make Jane happy too.


That’s the background story of ‘Goofi’ – a brand of Light of Hope Ltd. aspiring to be the next LEGO, Sesame Street and Disney. Goofi starts with a humble beginning with only a very limited number of products (few books and learning tools) for children. But these products are highly researched with deep design principle to help a child to become more creative, innovative and empathic. After 2-years of research and several level of engagement with the children, Goofi released a handful of treasures for parents, teachers and children. Both hardcopy books and e-books are published on various local and global platforms. These products got amazing response from the children and parents alike.

There is a series of new product lines under development for the brand. The brand is also working on developing their own shows – both animation and puppet. The mission is to spread the hidden knowledge that human civilization has been blessed with so far. Love, compassion, creativity, empathy and imagination.

If you want to look into some of the treasures that Goofi sent so far to the civilization, you can find them here.

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