Solar-school in a bag


When you think of a school, what comes to your mind? A long structure with individual classes where teachers and students are sitting on bench or table-chair. When you think of a training center, what then? Participants gathered in a place where the trainer is showing something on a projector.

Well, get away from that picture. We came up with a product called ‘Sputnique’ – short for ‘Smart Projection Unit - Unique’. Imagine a teacher carrying everything that a typical multimedia classroom set up has in a standard backpack. She can take the class with multimedia projector literally anywhere – under a tree or anyplace in a village where children can come. Weigh less than 6 kg; it’s super mobile that you can carry anywhere. A computing stick instead of laptop, an energy efficient projector, sound box, battery backup, solar system backup everything connected with our ‘Sputnique Magic Box’.


User convenience? If you can charge your mobile, you can operate Sputnique. It’s that simple.


You don’t have to worry about power, because everything is solar-powered. You don’t have to worry about day-light; because the special projection screen is designed such that you can use it under broad daylight. And interestingly, the other side at night in case you want to do an evening session or enjoy a movie.  

Every year, thousands of organizations organize millions of training sessions, awareness programmes, campaigns around the world to educate, aware and mobilize billions of people. This product is for you.

For example, in Bangladesh, over 40,000 primary schools doesn’t have electricity. Sputnique can be a great solution for them. Hundreds of Companies and NGOs organize thousands of trainings, awareness programmes and campaigns in rural areas. This one is a great solution for them.

Those who’ve been in those situations where you have to organize programmes, trainings and sessions in rural areas, we understand your pain. We’ve been there. That’s why created this product for us. And now we are opening this for you.


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