As our main goal is to bring equality in the education, a lot of our beneficiary are from the underprivileged group. One of the main reason for primary school drop out is financial incapability of the parents. Hence we have started our Sponsorship program where a sponsor bears the cost of monthly expenditure of a child in one of our schools. In Poroshmoni Shikkha Academy in Kishorganj there are 150 students. 110 of them are already sponsored. there are 40 more students to be sponsored in that school. We welcome your interest to sponsor our kids. Cost of sponsoring a kid is approximately 1500 taka per month.  So we ask for 1500 BDT or 20 USD per month from the sponsors.

If you are interested to sponsor a child in one of our schools please contact us via email, phone or facebook.

Contact Person: Ahmed-ur-Rahman Romel
Cell: +88018192661910
email: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:
1. The sponsor needs to provide the sponsorship money by 10th of each month.
2. If convenient, the sponsor (especially living abroad) can donate on a yearly or bi-yearly basis
3. The sponsorship is valid for minimum one year. If the sponsor wish to discontinue then s/he needs to notify Light of Hope at-least 2 months before so that replacement can be found in due time.
4. In case for a drop-out student, we will notify the sponsor immediately. S/he can decide whether to shift the sponsorship to another un-sponsored child or to nullify the sponsorship completely.

Accountability and Reporting to sponsors:
1. As part of the continuous accountability practice Light of Hope encourages all the sponsors to join Light of Hope’s member/sponsor Facebook group where sponsors get regular updates (both financial and operational).
2. Each sponsor will get yearly progress report of the sponsored child.
3. Sponsor can visit their sponsored kid and spend quality time with them. We discourage to give individual gifts to the sponsored kid as they stay in a group and giving a gift to one particular individual will hurt others.