School Workshop Series by Light of Hope

What’s the workshop is about?

It’s a 3-hour workshop that Light of Hope is going to organize in schools with teachers to discuss how to bring creativity and moral values into the classroom. We are going to discuss, do group work with teachers to bring out different ideas that teachers can implement in their classrooms. The workshop will help your teachers and your school to incorporate ‘creativity’ and ‘moral values’ into your daily classroom activities with children – two most concerned areas for many young and progressive parents.

If you are a teacher, principle or part of management, you can book a spot with us to organize this workshop in your school.

Before you register for a spot with us, please go through the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to understand your eligibility, responsibility and what you can expect from this workshop.


Question 1: Is it a training programme? Will you give certificates?

Answer: This is not a training programme. This is a collaborative workshop where we will discuss, do some group work and brainstorm to bring innovative ideas on how the teachers can bring creativity and also teach moral values to the children in the classroom. And obviously, no certificate. But your teachers and your school will be immensely benefited.


Question 2: What we have to do? Is there any cost involved?

Answer: There is no cost. If you want to provide lunch or snacks, we will not say ‘no’. But all we are asking for is to free up 3 hours for 10-15 teachers of your school and give us a space or a classroom where we can work together quietly for 3 hours. You can have some poster papers and markers for the group work. That’s all.


Question 3: How many teachers you need for the workshop?

Answer: Minimum 10 and maximum 15. You can bring teachers from different classes or from different subjects to bring diversity. Try to keep a good gender balance. We are looking for your most dedicated, motivated and creative teachers who want to try something different.


Question 4: What type of school you are looking for?

Answer: We are looking for most progressive schools who honestly believes that it is very important to bring innovation, creativity and moral values to classroom. If you are not the most reputed school in Dhaka, don’t worry. You encourage you to apply. We are looking for motivated school management and teachers. If you an English Medium School, Kindergarten School or Government Primary School, you can apply.


Question 5: Are you going to organize this workshop outside Dhaka?

Answer: We would love to do it in future. But unfortunately our budget will not allow us to do so in this round.


Question 6: How I should book for this workshop?

Answer: Please call our Senior Executive Taposhi at 01673617837. Give your information about the school and fix a timeline when you want to do it. For example, if you are planning to do it during 3rd week of July, let us know that. It will help us schedule the different workshops in different schools.


Question 7: How long you are going to organize this workshop?

Answer: From July 2017 – September 2017.


Question 8: How many schools you are planning to cover?

Answer: 10-15 schools in this phase.


If you have any more question, you can call Taposhi at 01673617837.