How do you develop storybooks that help children to develop empathy, moral values and good behavior?

Light of Hope took an amazing initiative to develop a series of storybooks to do that. For Bangladeshi parents and parents across the world, this is an incredible initiative.

Under Goofi brand, we develop a 5-book series called ‘StoryDoo’ – combining Story and Doodling together to create this series. Each story has a message that children can relate to their lives.

For example, in the book called ‘Rabbit and Tortoise Story’ the message is: Everyone has something valuable to offer, although you may not see it first.

‘Story of Angry Octopus’ has this message: You can control your anger and make new friends. ‘Story of Lazy Fox’ talks about hard work.

Some of the stories pick up popular Aesop stories and turned them into something new, funny and educational.

However, the ingenuity of the series is somewhere else. Each storybook gives the opportunity to the children to interact with the books. And they can interact by doing doodling on the book pages.

Children can complete their own illustration version of the book. Because the publisher left a few pages to complete. This is an interesting strategy to engage the children with storybooks.

The StoryDoo series was an instant hit among the children and parents. Within a few months, the publisher needs to reprint the 3rd edition. Currently, one of the highest sold storybook in Bangladesh in recent times, the parents can get the series from online too.

Developing empathy and moral values in children is key to happiness and success for their future. And as parents, your priority should be to give good resources to your children. Goofi Storydoo is such a tool that should be present in every 3-10-year-old child’s home.

If you are interested to have a look at the series, just order one for your child. Or gift the series to your relative’s child.

Click the image below to order the Goofi Storydoo series from anywhere in the world.