This is an amazing undertaking where Light of Hope worked with Save the Children Bangladesh to bring quality education to hundreds of children in urban slums through use of Renewable Energy and ICT solution. Their unique product ‘Sputnique’ made it all possible.

Save the Children Bangladesh has been working with Manobik Sahajjo Songstha (MSS) to bring quality education to urban slums to children and other soft skills to community members in an Integrated Development Approach. The working area is in Rayerbazar slum where MSS runs several community centers for children, adolescent and adults to provide these services. One particular challenge has been to bring quality education through multimedia solution that is low-cost, convenient for user and mobile. The typical solar system to set up a multimedia classroom is costly, bulky and not user friendly. This is where Light of Hope comes in with their unique product called ‘Sputnique’.



Sputnique is a solar-run multimedia classroom solution for off-grid areas that fits inside a standard backpack. This allows Sputnique to be carried anywhere anytime and to start a classroom session.  

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Light of Hope installed 5 static-Sputnique where the solar panels are attached to the roof and 1 mobile-Sputnique that can be carried anywhere in the community to organize a session.


To ensure the MSS teachers and staff can use them properly, Light of Hope organized hands-on learning sessions on how to use Sputnique in different settings.


The project will now impact hundreds of children and community members in slums of Rayerbazar to get quality education and awareness through use of technology (use of Renewable Energy and ICT).


Sputnique – the solar-run school in a backpack, made it’s entry to an increasing list of Light of Hope’s innovative products and services in the education space on 2016. Back then, Sputnique was first introduced in Sisimpur’s Project in Raypura where the product was being used to organize sessions in schools and communities to aware and educate students and their parents on child safety. The project helped Sisimpur to impact over 42,000 people that includes children and their parents.

Sputnique now is being deployed as a pilot case in Cox’s Bazar to tackle the Emergency in Education (EiE) in recent Rohinga crisis. Although it’s too early to say how it’s going to impact the educational outcomes in Rohinga crisis, we are confident that it’s going to encourage others to follow the path.


If you are a Development Professional working in education, health or livelihood sector (or others) where you need to organize regular sessions, training, awareness campaigns and classes in rural remote areas, Sputnique is the best solution available. If you are interested to give it a try, feel free to give us a call to get a DEMO in your office.

Call: Anik, 01912414583

To know more about Sputnique, visit the website:

See how Sputnique works from this video: