About 1.5 million teachers, education and caregiver professionals will get into jobs in Bangladesh in the next 6-10 years. They will be mostly employed in the private sector (e.g kindergarten school, high school, daycare, pre-school, nanny service etc.). Moreover, 2.5 million teachers need re-skilling on 21st-century learning aligned with the new curriculum currently under development from the Government of Bangladesh.

Prof Nazmul Haq training on effective teaching

Current infrastructure is not enough 

The current infrastructure of providing training to prepare the new group of teachers, and education professionals are not sufficient. Moreover, re-skilling this huge number of existing teacher, caregiver, special education professionals will take more than 20 years with the existing infrastructure.

But we don’t have 20 years to wait. In the next 10 years, the technology will change so much that our students if not properly trained at schools, will be completely irrelevant by the time they complete graduation. Our education system needs to be ready now. And without ensuring that teachers – the bloodline of any education system, are not properly trained, any other initiative to improve the overall quality of education is not going to work.

Making training and skill development affordable 

Light of Hope has been providing online teacher training for the last 2 years and already provided training to over 10,000+ teachers. During the COVID-19 it was clear that the best alternative to a physical training center is an online-based institution that can efficiently meet the demand for training to such a large number of participants.

During COVID-19, our pilot initiative to train through LIVE online workshops is very successful. Both parents and teachers showed amazing interest to learn from home at their own time and pace. We’ve partnered with some amazing organizations to bring their expertise and experience online and offer professional courses, short courses, workshops to hundreds of thousands of teachers, education professionals, caregivers and parents.  

The course or training that would cost a school BDT 50,000 – BDT 2 lakh or an individual BDT 10,000-20,000 will now cost only a fraction of that. Moreover, the range and quality of experts that wasn’t possible to bring for formal physical training, is now very much possible.

muktopaath teachers time course

Teachers, caregivers, parents can take an online course and get Government Certificate with just 300 tk per course.


Professional Development Courses for Teachers and Education Professionals  

We are glad to announce that we are officially revamping Teachers Time as an online destination for prepare the future teachers, educators, parents and reskilling the existing ones. We are launching 3 Professional Development Courses with 3 of our partners at the beginning apart from our previous courses.

We are already getting amazing responses from private schools, English medium schools, daycare providing services, ECD focused organizations to take this new opportunity that was previously unavailable.

Click the image below to see the available professional certificate courses.

ICHD online training

Light of Hope’s partner ICHD is offering Professional Certificate course on Early Childhood Care and Development

A new vision for the most important group

Teachers are referred as the backbone of the society. Caregivers, Nanny, pre-school teachers, kindergarten teachers are some of the most important people for the lives and future wellbeing of our children. As society, we need to appreciate their contribution and give the social respect that they deserve. We know teachers, education professionals, caregivers who continuously improve themselves to better support our children to learn.

Through Light of Hope’s new intervention, we envision a skilled and highly respected group of education professionals who will be coming into our institutions and also who are already in different institutions. And our commitment is to support these wonderful group of people with the right skills and right place with aspiring professional and personal achievement.

We are eagerly waiting for right-minded partners who can be part of this fullfilling journey.

Thank you.


Waliullah Bhuiyan 

CEO, Light of Hope Ltd.

Contact: +8801777800866

Email: [email protected]

online training for teachers nanny parents english teachers madrasa teacher bangladesh

Light of Hope is offering some amazing courses on Teachers Time platform. Click to explore them.