No school is better than it’s teacher. No education system is better than it’s teacher community.

There are over a million teachers in more than 150,000 primary schools in Bangladesh. To ensure quality education to almost 30 million children in these schools, developing professional skills to the teachers is the key element. Basic professional development and continuous improvement of new skills for teachers is a major concern in our country. That’s why Light of Hope Ltd. & A2I joins hand to provide online training through Muktopaath platform to hundreds of thousands of teachers in Bangladesh.


A2I’s open online learning platform MuktoPaath now hosts two courses developed by Light of Hope. Teachers Time, the wing that works with teacher training and parenting courses, responsible to oversee the teacher enrollment and certification. Current or aspiring teachers can now login to the MuktoPaath platform to develop their professional skills and improve their career path.

Enroll to the course by registering to MuktoPaath platform.

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Besides starting the online courses on MuktoPaath platform, Teachers Time also launched it’s own Online Platform. The platform is dedicated to young parents and school teachers who can aware, educate and get online training on various aspects of parenting and teaching.

Light of Hope strongly believes that it will be possible to improve the education system by engaging and working closely with parents and teachers. Teachers Time is their effort to bring these two groups together.

অনলাইনের কোর্সগুলো দেখতে ক্লিক করুন ছবিতে।


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The partnership between Light of Hope and A2I will provide a low-cost and scalable solution to develop teacher’s professional capacity that will improve the overall the education system of Bangladesh. Initial two courses on the MuktoPaath platform starts as a pilot case to see the result. Eventually, more courses will be made available covering a range of areas that includes pedagogy, content development and so on.

It’s an exciting start to use the power of internet in the age of rapid digitalization and to achieve Government of Bangladesh’s vision of Digital Bangladesh.


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