UNICEF Bangladesh recently conducted a study on ‘Online Safety for Children in Bangladesh’ among 10-17 years old children in Bangladesh. The study revealed that 25% of Bangladeshi children start accessing internet below the age of 11. The alarming issue is that 32% of children experience cyberbullying and 19% of children received sexually inappropriate text, 12% received image or video while using the internet.

Children started to use the internet (and Social Media) at a very young age without properly understand the risk factors involved. Parents are also not fully aware and often not skilled to help their children to teach about safe internet use. If the situation continues, this will have dire consequences on our future generation.

Internet – a tremendous source of knowledge and innovation that might help children to unleash their creative potential, could potentially turn into the most devastating tool.

Learning the current situation and future risk, Light of Hope and MommyDaddyMe decided to team up to work on Online Safety for Children.

Mommydaddyme.com is an online platform for children where your kids can have a secure online playground to make friends, learn from children across the world, read digital books, learn various languages, access personal profile, play educational games and much more. In simple, it is a platform at the intersection of the social networking and learning for children and family with strong security features. 

Under the agreement, both parties are going to organize training and awareness program for parents, teachers and children in various schools on safe internet use. Light of Hope will develop awareness contents for parents on how to help their children to protect themselves online. Besides, both parties will work to develop local contents for children on various issues including safe internet use. Light of Hope and MommyDaddyMe will use their respective platforms to distribute and promote those contents to aware and educate hundreds of thousands of parents and children.

The study by UNICEF Bangladesh (conducted by Inspira) already revealed that 26% of the children who use the internet don’t have basic online safety skills like block message, change privacy setting, report unwanted content or profile and block unwanted popup ad. There is a big role for parents and teachers (in schools) to educate children on these basic safety skills. And to do so, us, the adults need to know them better.

The partnership between Light of Hope and MommyDaddyMe is a good first step towards starting a movement among young parents and children in Bangladesh regarding safe internet use of children.

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