Light of Hope Ltd., the premium education startup based in Bangladesh, started country’s first online training portal for both parents and teachers. Teachers Time, the training arm of Light of Hope, has been working on to provide life-changing professional development opportunity to school teachers for quite some time now. In over a year, they have provided training to more than 1000 school teachers from different types of schools in Bangladesh. Besides, workshops and courses were being offered to young parents on various issues including mental development, how to make children more creative and develop future skills.

Bangladesh has 30 million young parents with children aged between 3-10 years old. And 1.5 million school teachers. Despite this huge numbers, Bangladesh doesn’t offer many choices to individual parents and teachers to educate and develop their capacities and knowledge on child development to effective teaching.

The online courses are expected to fill in that gap. Hundreds of thousands of school teachers (especially from Kindergarten, private or NGO-run schools) don’t get an opportunity to develop their basic skills as teachers. Teachers Time tends to address that gap with high quality and low-cost professional course that will support teachers to bring amazing changes in schools.

The online platform has a few courses for both parents and teachers right now and will gradually increase the number of courses on various topics and issues. Interested parents and teachers can have a first look at the platform and can enroll in the available courses for free for now.

Register for online course:

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Besides launching their own platform, Teachers Time already provided their courses in other platforms in Bangladesh, namely Repto (already published) and Muktopath (under process). The goal is to provide access to high quality learning courses for teachers and parents to ensure our future generation develop the necessary skills like creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence.

Any interested organization, school or association can partner up with Teachers Time to bring these courses to their schools and teachers. We are just a call away. Please call us at 01968774005.