Light of Hope Ltd. organized ‘Principal Dinner’ with 30 school principal and school leaders on November 1, 2019 in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The purpose of the dinner was to share the mission of Light of Hope Ltd. and how we are partnering with schools to develop graduates with the necessary skills and attributes.

All these schools signed an agreement with us to work together to improve the overall performance of their schools by helping their students to become more creative, empathic and ethical.

This dinner, first of its kind, but soon to follow more, is a symbol of growing concern among the schools, school management about their student’s future. Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan shared the journey of Light of Hope in Bangladesh in the last 3 years and its mission to empower primary level children and prepare them for the future.

Gopal Kumar Dey, Director of Light of Hope Ltd. shared how ‘School Development Program (SDP)’ – a special initiative for schools in Bangladesh is planning to support schools.

The school leaders shared their concerns and expectations and how they want to bring change in their schools. Building moral values and empathy among students was a key message and take away from this dinner. According to school leaders, both the school management and also parents have a growing concern on this regard. Besides, improving creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking through play-based activities, creative learning materials in the school and classrooms was another discussion area.

School leaders also raised concern about the improvement of the quality of their teachers through preparing them with necessary skill training to teach their children about future skills.

The dinner ended with tasty food, gifts, and commitments from the school leaders to bring change to their schools. Light of Hope Ltd. and all the participant schools are going to work closely together from coming academic session.

As organizer, we realized how important it was to bring all the school leaders to discuss openly about their challenges, their vision and find a solution that works for them. We are committed to organize similar events time to time with the schools.

If you want to be part of this movement, please go through the article and apply for School Development Program.

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