Light of Hope (LoH) Ltd. – the education startup, is hiring its Marketing Executive. This is our first such position in the company and we are very excited about it. Till date, the CEO was mostly handling the marketing (both B2B and B2C) – developing strategy and executing with the team. But now, we need someone who can work with the senior management to promote LoH’s different brands and services.

See our work from the website:

Those who applied before or saw our previous job positions, are aware that we don’t care much about your education background and all those fancy degrees that you’ve amassed from the country and abroad. LoH is working to improve future skills – like creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence among children. And we look for people to join our team those who have these skills and values.

The required skills to apply:
  1. Very strong communication skills (English, Bengali, and Language of Persuasion)
  2. Empathy for people and understanding of human phycology
  3. Quick learner and ability or willingness to make mistakes (we would love to hear about the mistakes you made in your professional and personal life)
  4. Strong sense of humor


Along with the application, you need to forward these documents. If you miss any of them, you’ll not be considered for the interview.

  1. Your Resume (don’t send us a CV that doesn’t tell who you are. Make sure you mention your interests, your achievements – even participation in school debate club will do, your experience selling anything to anyone etc. Make it interesting so that we can finish reading the whole Resume.)
  2. A 2-minute video where you have to try to sell ‘a bag of ash’ for 2000 tk. Think about why the person should buy it, how you can convince. Make it on your phone. We don’t care about the quality of the video. Just the sound.
  3. Max 500 word write up about you. We don’t want to hear where you live, how many brothers and sisters you have. Please don’t make us yawn. Be funny, imaginative. Try to think how you can write a 500 word biographic novel about you.


These three documents are important. If you fail to submit any one of them, you’ll not be considered for the interview.


Position Type: Full Time

Remuneration: BDT 25-30k per month (plus a commission based on sales target)

Last date for application submission: 30 July 2018. 

Send all the documents to [email protected] 

If your video size is high and can’t send an email, upload it to google drive and share the link. If you have any query, call us at 01911390061.