Light of Hope Ltd. and Lifespring signed a ToR to work together to ensure the mental wellbeing of children in Bangladesh. Both parties signed the agreement on February 7th, 2019 at LoH office where Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan, COO Zillul Karim among other senior officials and Lifespring Managing Director Yahia Amin and Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Shusama Reza were present.

Under the agreement, LoH and Lifespring will jointly organize parenting sessions, teacher training, provide counseling support to both children and parents, initiate research and activities for a deeper understanding of children’s mental health and wellbeing.

One of the extreme outcomes of not having good mental wellbeing is the increased suicide rate among students. Bangladesh ranked 10th among the highest suicide rate country in the world, according to WHO.

Based on a few studies and reports, we estimated that about 4,000 students commit suicide every year in Bangladesh. 125 students committed suicide after SSC Result 2018. (Source 1, 2, 3)

Suicide is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t count other hundreds of thousands of children are going through every day for various reasons ranging from academic pressure, competition, family problems, other social and mental pressures. And lack of sound mental health reduces the chance of a child to flourish their full potential.

Since Light of Hope works to improve future skills like creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and moral values of children, this agreement with Lifespring is a move towards ensuring that no children should be limited to unleash their full creative potential due to their mental health.

There are a wide misunderstanding and concept among parents and the general public towards mental health in Bangladesh. Parenting has a key role to play and awareness among parents will be the driving force to ensure the mental wellbeing of our future generation.

LifeSpring is one of the country’s leading community-based mental health institute dedicated to promoting mental health as a pivotal of overall wellness. LifeSpring closely works with WHO, Unilever, Telenor Health, bKash, Bangladesh Air Force, UIU, NSU and many other companies and institutions. They are an affiliated member of Mental Health America (MHA) & CBT Australia. With a team of 100+ mental health professionals, they have educated and served more than a million people.

Under the agreement, Light of Hope clients (especially parents and children) will get a special reference option for counseling with LifeSpring’s expert. Parents who enrolled their children in Kids Time – run by Light of Hope will get special discount on counseling service, attending parenting courses, workshop or seminar organized by LifeSpring.

If you and/or your child need counseling and support from top mental health experts of the country, now you can directly call to LifeSpring using our Promo Code.

Call for booking: 01763438148 

Promo Code: 555 (General)

Promo Code: KT 555 (Kids Time Parents)*

*Kids Time parents will get 10% discount on the Counseling service from Lifepsring