About 20 million parents are staying at home with their children during Corona outbreak. 1.5 million teachers are not attending classes. So, we are giving them an opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

We’ve made our online platform Teachers Time and all the courses free for parents and teachers. Now, parents and teachers can simply log in and take a free course.

The platform has a range of courses on parenting – that will help them at this critical time. They will be able to learn how to keep their children engaged, ensure their learning and education.

ছবিতে ক্লিক করে সরাসরি রেজিস্ট্রেশন লিঙ্কে চলে যান।

Similarly, for teachers – it is a great opportunity to prepare them for the future. When the schools are going to open, they will be more equipped to take classes, managing their children better, learn how to develop content.

Due to a huge response in recent times from parents and teachers, we’ve taken this decision. Previously, the platform was paid and users needed to pay for the courses.

But it is important that we fight this situation together and bring more value to these two most important groups.

Besides, we are running a parenting show that is covering a range of topics like early literacy, moral values, learning through play, making homemade toys etc.

You can see all the previous episodes here: goofi Parenting Show

Here’s the show schedule of all of our shows – both for children and parents.

Parenting Course Registration Link