Light of Hope and Asia Foundation Bangladesh’s literacy initiative Let’s Read Asia celebrated International Literacy Day 2020. The theme for International Literacy Day 2020 was “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” especially on the role of educators and changing pedagogies.

The theme highlights literacy learning in a lifelong learning perspective, and therefore, mainly focuses on youth and adults. Based on the theme of this year, Light of Hope and Asia Foundation organized the overall program. 

It was a two-part program where the first part was a talk show organized with the senior officials from organizations like Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, Room to Read Bangladesh, Light of Hope. They joined to share their activities, future plans to tackle the challenge of literacy during and post COVID-19 world in Bangladesh.

International Literacy Day 2020 Bangladesh

Talk show guests for International Literacy Day

In the second part, an entertaining episode of Kids Time Home show is aired targeting the children with storytelling, craft making and puppetry to encourage children about reading books and learning new words.

In the talk show, the guests shared their valuable comments on how to address the literacy landscape, issue of quality education, benchmark, use of technology and the internet to distribute contents including books to children.

Mohammad Shah Alam, Executive Director, Sesame Workshop Bangladesh (Sisimpur) said, it is vital to come into an agreement by all the organizations to set a standard for quality education.

Rakhi Sarker, Country Director, Room to Read Bangladesh, mentioned about the standard that they are practicing while measuring the impact of the organization’s work in Bangladesh.

Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan discussed how their brand Goofi produces children book that focuses on developing skills like creativity, problem-solving, empathy and values, a strategy that goes beyond the literacy goal or entertainment purpose.

ECD Expert, Anjuman Parvin shared that millennial parents should learn about various parenting skills that are emerging due to the changing nature of social and technical interaction of the children with technology.

If you are interested to watch the whole episode, you can click here.

kids time puppet show

In the second part, Tahmina Rahman (best selling children book author) and Shuvangkar Shuvo (Sisimpur Puppeteer) performed a LIVE episode where the author and Lablu (a puppet developed by Shuvangkar Shuvo) interacts with children, read a storybook from the recently published Bornogolpo Series by Goofi. They also showed children how to make a notebook with crafting and use it to write down new words that a child listen everyday.

The whole episode can be found here.