Join Light of Hope Team

Light of Hope is working on a ‘Global Learning Program’ to globalize primary level education. We are looking for highly talented and enthusiastic group of people as ‘Intern’ to join our amazing team. The team is making a ‘Global Curriculum’ that can be used in any country to prepare kids for the future. Interns will get the opportunity to enrich their experience and knowledge by working with our amazing education team, publish their work (educational contents) on the global platform to reach millions of children.

Who we are looking for?

  1. At least graduate from University; and/or currently doing or completed Master Degree. (lER, ECD or similar background is preferred)

  2. Educators or people working in education sectors.

  3. Creative, ambitious and confident to maintain quality of work.

Those who are currently working in other organizations or institutions (including schools) that works with education can join to be part of the team as members. 

Interns will get the following benefits:

  1. Be a part of the Global Learning Program’s prestigious team

  2. Work & Experience Certificate

  3. Travel Allowance

  4. Future opportunity to work in Light of Hope

If you are interested or know someone who will be interested to work with us, send your/ask them to send their CVs to below email address.

Email: [email protected]

For direct communication, you can call this number: Taposhi, 01673617837