‘Goofi’ – our creative learning products for children is now available in Bangladesh and globally. We have introduced a range of products for children that includes Goofi books, Goofi puppet, Goofi Crafting package etc. These are highly researched products to develop children’s creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking ability. The products allowed children to learn new skills by interacting by herself or with the parents/teachers.

Goofi puppets are a wonderful product for roleplay and storytelling


Manufactured in Bangladesh, the products are now available across the world. People in Bangladesh can buy these products from shops like Aarong, Infinity Mega Mall or order them online from reputed e-commerce platforms like Daraz, Togumogu, Deligram, or Rokomari.

Goofi/Kids Time Crafting package that allows to make anything your children like to create.

For parents and teachers around the world, the e-books are available on Teachers pay Teachers platform. Anybody can download them with much cheaper rate than the physical books.

Here’s a Free e-Book for you.


Both e-book and physical products are available on Goofi’s own platform or partner platform Aadi. You can actually now order them from anywhere in the world.

Despite being a new brand, we are getting awesome response from the children, parents and teacher community. Our products are not only getting bought by the parents, but interested schools are taking them for their schools.

goofi friends are going to help your child become smarter, creative and more empathic

It’s just the beginning to bring a revolution in developing learning products for children to help them prepare for the future with the necessary skill. Children are our biggest inspiration so far, and we are glad that they are loving our products.

Imagination is always messy and cute. – Goofi


If you are reading this and you are in Bangladesh, click the picture below to explore all of the Goofi products.