A total of 20 million pre-primary and primary level children are not attending schools at this moment during Corona outbreak. And it became the responsibility of the parents entirely to make sure children are engaged and getting the opportunity to learn. Parenting has never been so crucial.

Parents are spending more time than ever with their children due to school closure. They need to play the role of both parents and teachers too. Young parents have lot of questions regarding parenting. Quality time, mental development, behavior management, academic learning and so on.

From Light of Hope, we decided to support the parents during this crisis situation. So, we started a show called ‘goofi Parent Show’ – the first online parenting show in Bangladesh. In every episode, we are inviting reputed educators, child specialists, psychologists, Early Childhood Development experts to discuss and share tips with parents on a range of issues.

Most popular topics covered so far:

  1. Spending quality time
  2. Children’s creativity
  3. Learning through play
  4. Managing behavior
  5. Early literacy
  6. Making learning toys
  7. Empathy and Moral values
  8. Storytelling

Parents can ask questions live during the show. Moreover, if anyone misses the show, they can watch the show later from our youtube channel at their own convenience.

If you are a parent, every episode has some unique learning opportunity for you and will help your child to become an empathic, creative and independent individual.

An estimated 13 million parents are using Facebook whose children are between 3-12 years old. So, using social media platforms was a natural decision for us to reach out to maximum number of parents. And rightly so, it became one of the most popular shows on the social media platform in recent times.

The parenting show is aired on Kids Time Facebook & Youtube Channel.

Show Time: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 11 AM. 

You can watch some of the most popular episodes till date from the link below. Click on the images.

The most popular episode so far. Click the image to watch the episode.

Interested parents can check the entire playlist of the parenting show and binge-watch them from here.

gooft Parenting Show Playlist Link

Light of Hope has been working for parents for quite some time. Teachers Time – a platform dedicated for young parents and teachers are offering online courses on various topics. During the corona outbreak, we have made all the courses completely free to avail for the parents.

You can take any course from there. Click the image below to enroll in a course.

Kids Time এর পেজে শিশুদের জন্যও থাকছে বিভিন্ন মজার অনুষ্ঠান। ক্র্যাফট, ছবি আঁকা, বিজ্ঞানসহ বিভিন্ন সৃজনশীল কাজে ব্যস্ত থাকবে আপনার শিশু এই শোগুলোর মাধ্যমে।