Light of Hope organized a unique showcasing event on ‘Dream Save Do: Financial Empowerment for Families’ at Biswa Sahitya Kendra on September 4th, 2018. District Primary Education Officer, Executive Director of Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, CEO of Light of Hope, Thana Primary Education Officers, URC Instructors, Principals and Head Teachers of 50 schools in Dhaka where the project is under implementation along with other senior officials of Sesame Workshop Bangladesh and Light of Hope were present.

The objective of the event was to share the updates and stories of change that’s happening in 50 schools with all the relevant stakeholders.

50 School Principals, Thana Education Officers, URC Instructors, District Education Officer, Light of Hope & Sesame Workshop team members were present in the showcasing event


Dream Save Do (DSD) Project – the pioneering initiative is designed to build children’s aspirations and show how their everyday choices can help them achieve their dreams aims. Under the ‘Community Engagement’ component, Light of Hope is working with 50 schools in Dhaka targeting 16,000 children and 8,000 parents. Light of Hope provided training to 100 school teachers (Sisimpur Teacher Ambassadors), 200 students (Sisimpur Kid Ambassador) and 200 parents (Sisimpur Parent Ambassadors).

The teachers learned how they can teach children about aspiration, help them plan, teach them about self-control and savings. The Kid Ambassadors went through a leadership training where they made their own ‘dreams’ for their schools. They are now working on to improve the school library, making the school garden, first-aid box, ‘lost & found’ box for classrooms, raising fund to support the underprivileged.

In a very highly engaging program, all the school principals and the head-teachers made their own aspiration about their schools, and plan to make that aspiration come true. They all completed their own ‘Aspiration Tree’, go through the materials and contents developed under the project and finally made ‘bank’ from a plastic bottle to learn about recycling.

During the event, Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan shared the updates and stories of change that’s happening in schools. Gopal Dey, Project Director of Dream Save Do Project, talked about the philosophy and research behind the project that aims to make children more confident and caring.

Waliullah Bhuiyan, CEO – Light of Hope, gave an overview of the DSD project and the impact it’s making in Schools


Gopal Dey, DSD Project Director of Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, sharing why teaching financial literacy is important to children

Sesame Workshop Bangladesh’s Executive Director Mohammad Shah Alam gave his valuable speech where he touched upon the existing works in early childhood development in Bangladesh and how Sisimpur (the TV programme) is creating impact.

Md. Shah Alam, Executive Director of Sesame Workshop Bangladesh is giving his speech

The Chief Guest, Ms Aleya Ferdousi Shikha, Dhaka District Primary Education Officer, showed amazing enthusiasm in her speech regarding the project and made the commitment that she will support the project to expand to all the Government Primary Schools in Dhaka.


‘Dream Save Do’ (DSD) project is being implemented in Bangladesh as part of the global implementation in total 9 countries. The project is supported by Metlife Foundation. The project in Bangladesh will continue till November 2018.

Light of Hope team implementing the ‘Dream Save Do’ project in Bangladesh