Light of Hope developed a low cost and highly efficient solar-run multimedia classroom solution (that consists of a laptop, mini-projector, sound box, LED bulbs etc.) for rural off-grid primary schools under its ‘Digital School’ project. Various e-educational contents in-line with the national curriculum from different content developers including development organizations are collected and provided to the laptop from where the teachers are able to take class. The benefit to such classroom setting is to install interest among the children to learn Math, English and Science. The video and flash-based contents are interactive in nature and support the teacher to teach the subjects effectively.

The whole multimedia classroom solution is already one of the most energy efficient solutions (consumes less than a 60W bulb) in the world. Yet Light of Hope is pushing itself to reduce the energy consumption and cost of the system by half. Intel NUC and raspberry pi based system is under development by the R&D team of Light of Hope.

Light of Hope also provides ‘after-sales service’ to the solar system and ICT equipments to the schools. Besides learning at day time during school hour, the school kids also enjoy cartoon, animation, videos on various social issues like child marriage, dowry, health & hygiene etc. at the evening once or twice a week using the multimedia classroom facility.

Teachers’ Training: Develop school’s capacity

Light of Hope beliefs that the teachers are the bloodline of education and necessary capacity to facilitate e-education in the classroom requires appropriate training. Light of Hope has a mandate to enable the teachers to use technology in classroom.