We work with our partner and supporter organizations to implement innovative educational projects to ensure quality education at schools. For our on-going projects we are already getting supports from different development organizations in various forms.

We are happy to partner with organizations who share the same value and vision. We believe in the strength of partnership and look forward to have you as partner


CSR Service

Our recently developed service works with corporate to design and manage their CSR portfolio in education. We directly implement the project through our local partner NGOs or schools. We prepare our corporate partners’ CSR report as part of the agreement. Our valuable corporate partners support our project’s growth and sustainability. Partner with us to become the part of the most innovative educational organization.

List of existing partners 

Educare Service

If you running a private school or education center, Light of Hope will be your perfect partner to improve the way you provide education to the children. There are ways, and there are ‘great’ ways to do that. We go for ‘great ones’. Our educators will work together with you to become the most innovative and interesting school in the country that you are striving for.

Give us a call or write to us to know more.