Parenting, at its core, is about giving your children the environment and enthusiasm to become a good human being. Parenting is a 24-hour job without any payment or any vacation. There is no in-house ‘job training’ on how to become a good and skilled parent. Yet if anything goes wrong with the children, it’s the parents who are usually blamed.

Back in the 1980s or 1990s, it seemed parenting was fairly an easy job. Society was calmer, a smartphone was not our children’s best friend and academic lives of children was not so competitive. Or simply, our parents were smarter than us. They knew it’s more important that their children have a strong moral foundation, can adapt to the challenges in lives. A decent education is good enough. They weren’t obsessed with sending their children to the ‘best schools’ in the country. Our parents didn’t give us everything that we asked for, even though they had the capacity to buy. by doing so, they taught us ‘self-constraint’. They didn’t drop us to schools, took us to coaching centers and then wait outside for 2-3 hours so that they could take us back. By doing so, they help us to manage and take control of our own lives. They gave us ‘self-confidence’ by not doing everything that we suppose to do as kids.

Back then, most mothers used to teach how to cook, sew or doing household works, taking care and helping younger siblings; and most fathers used to teach how to repair any broken things, go to local bazaar and buy everyday needs, or in my case, how to draw and encourage to read storybooks. Children used to learn so many important life skills from parents in those days.

Look how the 1980s generation turned out. They are doing great. And now most of us are parents. And we have to do a better job than our parents to make sure that our children can compete in the future world. Our children need to be more confident, more creative, more adaptive than we ever been as kids. What we are doing as parents to do that?

Although it’s been more than 30 years till we were kids, some basics of parenting remain the same. And the basics will always be the same. The world has changed, society has changed. Technology is replacing many things. But it will never replace the parents to bring up our children. Reading a storybook or playing together with toys or doing craft is never ever equal to giving a smartphone to a child with the most engaging ‘educational content’ on youtube.

As parents, we need to understand our children better. We need to learn how a child’s brain develops. We need to know how we can use our limited and busy time most effectively to improve our children’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence.

The best schools in the world are not as good as a parent can be. Don’t rely on the schools to prepare your child for the future. Spending money on tuition fee or coaching center is not going to guarantee future wellbeing of your children.

To aware and educate young parents of my age, we’ve been organizing parenting workshops in various parts of Dhaka for the last couple of years. We are regularly publishing amazing articles and blogs for parents on our Kids Time page. Every month, thousands of parents in Bangladesh are reading those. You can find those here.

But we knew we have to do more. We need to make sure that all 30 million parents of children between 3-10 years old, need to know in details. They need to learn the tricks and understand about children’s psychology from the experts directly. Face to face is not a scalable and cost-effective solution. To create the solution for all parents in Bangladesh, we’ve been working hard for the past 8 months. And finally, we have developed Bangladesh’s first online platform for parenting courses. Besides parents, we’ve also developed online training courses for school teachers.

অভিভাবক এবং শিক্ষকরা এখন সরাসরি অনলাইনেই শিখতে পারবেন যা কিছু দরকার।

Parents and teachers now can just log in with their smartphone, enroll to a course and learn at their own time and pace. They can assess themselves on their learning and even get a certificate. Already thousands of parents are taking these online courses – making it the biggest online learning center for parents in Bangladesh.

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The article is written by Waliullah Bhuiyan, CEO, Light of Hope. He can be reached at [email protected]


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