Light of Hope Ltd. – the 21st-century skill providing startup for children, signed a MoU with A2I (Access to Information) on 16 January 2019 at the ICT Tower, Agargaon. The objective of the MoU is to bring 21st-century skills like creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and emotional intelligence to primary-level children in Bangladesh. Besides, to bring those skills in schools, teachers will be also provided necessary training through online platform Muktopaath and other mixes of online and offline processes. Both parties agreed to work on SDG-4 Ensuring Quality Education by 2030 in Primary Schools in Bangladesh.

A2I Project Director Md. Mustafizur Rahman, PAA, E-Learning Specialist Prof. Faruque Ahmed, Policy Specialist Md. Afzal Hossain Sarwar and Light of Hope’s CEO Waliullah Bhuiyan and COO Md. Zillul Karim was present along with other members of A2I.

A2I Program has been instrumental in the last 10 years to achieve Bangladesh Government’s vision of a Digital Bangladesh. In providing quality education, under the program thousands of schools already connected to the multimedia classroom, teachers are trained to develop multimedia contents and hundreds of thousands of teachers are sharing those contents on Teachers Portal. While the digital foundation is strongly set in the education system of our country, it’s time to focus on developing future skills for children. A2I has already started to work on the future of education (Year 2030 and 2041) at various levels. This is where Light of Hope came in.

Light of Hope introduced the country’s first online platform for parents and teachers to learn about parenting and teaching skills. Click the picture to know more.

Light of Hope has been pioneering the concept of future skills for primary level children (4-12 years old) in Bangladesh by introducing a series of services for individual children, parents, teachers and schools. It is developing various contents for children to develop future skills, providing awareness and education to young parents and helping teachers to develop necessary skills to provide those future skills in schools to children. Innovations like Teachers Time – an online platform are already helping thousands of parents and teachers in Bangladesh. Or invention like Sputnique – a solar-run multimedia classroom that fits inside a backpack to bring quality education to the most remote areas in Bangladesh.

Sputnique – the invention of Light of Hope that fits an entire solar-run classroom inside a backpack. Click the picture to know the impact.

The innovations of Light of Hope is already tested, trialed and scaling up fast and currently impacting over 100,000 children through its various services. This MoU will help bring these innovations to introduce at scale across Bangladesh in schools.

Light of Hope’s Mission is to give a life-changing journey to 30 million children in Bangladesh so that they become the future generation who will take Bangladesh to the next level through their innovation.