Ahmed Ur Rahman Romel

Ahmed Ur Rahman Romel is the Vice President, Finance of Light of Hope. It was the idea of being able to bring positive change in the society and ultimately the country, which appealed to him immensely and brought him to Light of Hope. He received his B.Sc. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2008 from IUT, Bangladesh. He has over 7 years of experience working in Telecommunications and ICT sector. He started his career in an International Gateway Company and have full experience on deploying and commissioning the whole setup of IGW, ICX and IPTSP consisting of core network, transmission, data network, IT, billing and finance. So far he implemented numerous projects and business plans at different capacity. Right now he is working as Head of ICX Operations in Agni Systems limited. He has been involved in distributing cloths and foods to the underprivileged community during winter and Eid festival, fund raising for numerous social initiatives and voluntary service to the flood and cyclone affected people.

At Light of Hope, he is mainly in charge of finance, HR management, school operations and child sponsorship program management, also engaged in ‘Low Energy Consuming Multimedia Classroom Solution for Off-grid Schools’ and ‘DIY Science Toys’ project.

He loves new technologies and is really passionate about solving complex technological things. He really cares about the society, economic empowerment, civil rights, education system and environment. His favorite hobbies are travelling and watching movies.

The fact that Light of Hope is truly helping to develop different dimensions in the child education gives Romel a feeling of indescribable satisfaction and makes him proud of its achievements.

Email: [email protected]