Books are one of the oldest forms of communication. And for children, one of the most effective. Although with app, smartphone and internet, many predict that the age of children’s publication is long gone. How wrong they are.

Goofi, the Light of Hope Ltd. brand for children, focuses on helping children to develop creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and moral values – preparing them with necessary 21st-century skills. It produces various types of contents – AV, books, learning toys including e-book, worksheet etc. and distribute across online and offline platforms and media. The goal is to reach out to as many children as possible – globally.

Based on the Future Skill Framework developed by Light of Hope Ltd. that focuses on 4 Core Skills – Creativity, Problem-solving, Emotional Intelligence and Human Values, all the Goofi books are developed for different age groups. Children from different countries and various age group can use these books. 

How the books are made? 

While developing the books, Goofi focused on few things at the beginning: 

  1. Is the book going to cover both academic and future skills? Which skill to cover? For which age? 
  2. Can the book be used for global audience (children from any country)? 
  3. What are the other formats that the contents of the books can be developed? e-book, audio-visual, gamification etc. 
  4. Does this book need adult supervision or children can use by their own? 
  5. Can this book be used in schools, pre-school, kindergarten and also at home? 

A group of content developers, designers, illustrators and researchers work together to develop every single book. 

The books are being tested on the children before publication and feedback are taken from the children. 

Once a book is published, they are also sent to our partner schools to test in the classroom by the teachers for their students. 

So far, Goofi books get huge popularity within a very short period of time among children, parents and schools. A lot of schools are taking these books to make them part of the curriculum. Thanks to the recent change in mindset and better understanding about the importance of skills among children to prepare them for the future. 

Interested schools, parents and teachers can have a look at the website of Goofi to find out the books. 

The books are also available on the major e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh – daraz, togumogu, deligram etc.